IVR/Toll Free

Interactive Voice Response

Interactive voice response (IVR) is an automated voice system which gathers information about user and their needs and provide user appropriate path for further communication. It is a technology where machine interacts with user and your call is coordinated accordingly. IVR solutions are best way to recieve suitable calls in an effective way and to avoid manual dealings. DTMF i.e. Dual-tone multi-frequency Signaling, decoding and speech recognition are used to interpret the caller's response to voice prompts. DTMF tones are entered via the telephone's keypad.


  • Customized welcome message.
  • Get real time notifications of all calls.
  • Flexibility in routing calls suitable for your niche.
  • Multiple extension on single IVR number.
  • You can use your own number and you can change your number anytime.
  • Get real time notification via SMS and Emails.